Commercial Scent Machine VS2500ABW wholesale

Commercial Scent Machine VS2500ABW wholesale
Product Size
Net Weight
4.2 KG
Housing Material
less than 45 dba
DC12V 16W
Control Way
WiFi remote control
Essential Oil Capacity
1000 ML
Installation Way
Tabletop / Portable
Outdoor, Hotel, Commercial, Household
After-sales Service Provided
Free spare parts
Power Source
Timing Function
ce, RoHS, FCC
1 year

Why Choose Us Commercial Scent Machine

Quality and Reliability: Our Commercial Scent Machines are known for their exceptional quality and reliability. We use high-quality components and rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure long-lasting performance.

Customization: We understand that every business has unique scenting needs. Our machines are highly customizable, allowing you to choose from a wide range of fragrances and adjust scent intensity to match your brand or environment.

Advanced Technology: Our scent machines incorporate cutting-edge technology for precise scent diffusion. They are designed for optimal efficiency and even scent distribution.

Diverse Applications: Our Commercial Scent Machines find applications in various industries, including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more. They can enhance the ambiance and customer experience in your business.

User-Friendly: Our machines are user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy maintenance. You can operate them effortlessly, and they require minimal upkeep.

Cost-Effective: Scent marketing can have a significant impact on customer perceptions and behavior. Our Commercial Scent Machines offer a cost-effective way to create a memorable and inviting atmosphere.

Customer Support: We provide comprehensive customer support, including installation assistance, maintenance guidance, and prompt responses to any inquiries or issues you may have.

Positive Impact: Scent marketing has been shown to positively affect customer mood, behavior, and brand perception. Our machines can help you create a unique and pleasant environment that keeps customers coming back.


Commercial Scent Diffuser for Homes and Offices


A super silent diffuser with a unique and modern design to scent up your entire space. Whether you want it for your home or office, this is the most effective diffuser that will spread the scent effectively across the entire room because of perfect atomization. If you’re someone who likes their space to smell great, this is the perfect device for you!

This Commercial Scent Diffuser is a safe and extremely user-friendly device that can be installed very easily. Changing essential oil will not be a hassle and there is no fear of leakage. You can also adjust the timings as well as the concentration of the scent. Like any good electrical device, it is environmentally friendly and will save power for you.