High Quality Home Aroma Diffuser-VF130BW manufacture

High Quality Home Aroma Diffuser-VF130BW manufacture
Model VF130BW
Product Size 106*157*88mm
Oil bottle capacity 120ml
Power-supply mode DC Adapter
Voltage 5V
Power 1.5W
Material PP
Control Mode Bluetooth/WIFI
Oil Consumption 0.5-0.6ml/hr
Customized Services Acrylic panel pattern customization
Coverage 40-50㎡/120-150m³/400-500ft²
Color White


Home Aroma Diffuser provide aromatherapy benefits including relaxation, better sleep, and pain relief. They work by releasing cool mist which helps eliminate dust from the air, increase humidity, and add pleasant aromas to the environment.

When purchasing a Home Aroma Diffuser, there are several aspects to consider, including the mechanism of the diffuser, the size of the area you intend to use the diffuser or the size of the reservoir/expected time span of use.

To select the best Home Aroma Diffuser for our list, we researched the category, gathered customer insights, and considered factors like size, capacity, materials, and power supply to inform our product recommendations. For those who want to transform their bedroom or bathroom into a calming, spa-like experience, these diffusers tick all the boxes.

If you’re interested in learning more about aromatherapy or just making your home smell like a spa, the Home Aroma Diffuser can come in handy. It can add joy or relaxation to your home, or simply provide a pleasant scent.