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Bagaimana memastikan pengoperasian pabrik minyak atsiri

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Essential oils are now more and more well known, especially in the massage industry. The main reason is that essential oils have many benefits in nature, such as preventing infectious diseases, stimulating the front lobes of the brain, keeping the nerves in the most comfortable state, refreshing the mind, moisturizing the skin, and eliminating odors. The expansion of the market has also made the competition of essential oil factories more intense, so how should essential oil factories remain invincible in the fierce competition? The answer is quality assurance.




Raw materials are proportional to quality

The processing of essential oils and the quality of raw materials are the primary reasons for the quality assurance of essential oils. Pick fresh open and semi-open flowers into cages each morning during flowering. The freshness of the raw materials will affect the quality of the quality, and the variety of the raw materials will also have an impact.

The production process determines the quality

In the production process of essential oils, the production process is the most important. First of all, it is necessary to determine the technological process. The extraction methods of essential oils mainly include steam distillation, pressing and supercritical extraction. There are three types of steam distillation: water distillation, water distillation and direct steam distillation. The difference is used to extract spices that are not affected by heat. Secondly, we should pay attention to the process parameters. A rigorous parameter can avoid errors, and different values ​​will bring different effects. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature and time values ​​during the production process.



Later storage will also affect the quality

Essential oil is a volatile liquid with different degrees of volatilization. The high volatilization time is about 24 hours, the moderate volatilization is about 2 to 3 days, and the low volatilization can last for a week. It can change the quality of essential oils, so storage is very important. Glass containers are currently the most effective containers for storing essential oils. Note that glass containers should be dark, with the bottle mouth facing up and need to be completely closed.

Therefore, when making essential oils, essential oil factories should not only consider profit, but also pay attention to quality. High-quality products are an important guarantee for the survival and development of factories.