Gwneuthurwr Peiriant Scent Masnachol F3000AWB-1000ml

Gwneuthurwr Peiriant Scent Masnachol F3000AWB-1000ml
Model RHIF. F3000AWB
foltedd DC 12V
Cynhwysedd Olew Hanfodol 1000ml
Deunydd Aloi Metel/Alwminiwm
Pecyn Trafnidiaeth 309 * 240 * 103.2 mm
Nod masnach Vinescents
Cod HS 8543709990
Swm atomization 4.5 Ml/H-5ml/H
Grym 8 Gw
Logo Gwasanaeth cwsmer
5 Kg
Manyleb 309 * 240 * 103.2 mm
Tarddiad Tsieina


Enjoy a custom scent with our Commercial Scent Machine

Have you ever walked into a hotel or store and noticed how lovely it smells? Do you want to strengthen your unique brand and provide your customers with the same experience? We are here to make this possible.

Many hotels, retail stores, offices and even restaurants in the UK have Commercial Scent Machines, which are essentially scent machines that spread a subtle but beautiful scent throughout their premises. It’s no coincidence that you remember some customer experiences more than others!
The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses in the human body. Familiar scents can evoke nostalgia and inspire a range of emotions. Customizing scents at your place of business is also known as scent marketing. Combining a Commercial Scent Machine with your own alluring scent will not only help attract people into your premises, it can also boost your customers’ mood, increase sales, and increase the time people spend at your business. By integrating your customers’ sense of smell into the customer experience, your brand will leave a lasting and immersive impression. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how.

Aroma diffusers and diffusers

We specialize in blending and creating custom fragrances for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. Our expert perfumers specialize in understanding your brand image and customizing a scent that embodies the message you want to convey. From warm and inviting scents to crisp and clean scents, we’ll design a custom scent for your business that your customers will love.

As well as bespoke fragrances, we also provide UK businesses with easy-to-install scent machines to distribute fragrance evenly into any space. Our commercial aroma diffusers come in a variety of sizes. So whether you have a large hotel lounge or a compact retail space, we can meet your needs with our wide range of commercial scent diffusers.

In our selection of scent diffusers, you’ll find a variety of scent machines, including options that allow you to set timers for efficient use and choose the intensity of scent in your space. With different color options, you will find individual solutions that suit the decoration of your venue. Please contact us today for more information.