OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) means “original equipment manufacturer”. The brand manufacturer entrusts other contract manufacturers to develop and manufacture products, and the products are affiliated with the brand manufacturer’s trademark, and are sold or operated by the brand manufacturer. Commonly known as “branding”.

The brand producer has its own product or product concept, and the entrusted party is responsible for material preparation, processing and production and process addition according to the requirements and authorization of the entrusting party, so as to turn the idea into reality.

In order to reduce the risk of new production lines and gain market time, brand producers choose not to produce directly, and the ordered products only need to be purchased at a low price, and they can flexibly place orders on demand according to market changes at any time, thereby creating a higher level of capital operation. conditions and accumulated experience.



1. Effectively reduce the cost of brand operation and realize low-cost operation. A fragrance processing requires a huge investment to keep production costs to a minimum. The OEM factory came into being to solve the production problem of the merchant’s products, so as to increase the investment in product development and sales.
2. Transfer the risk of product production and management. Fragrance equipment brands can flexibly place orders on demand at any time according to market demand.
3. Fragrance equipment product development and product quality assurance. The powerful fragrance equipment processing factory has a professional product research and development team and production system. In addition, fragrance products can be customized according to customer requirements, and differentiated products can be developed to avoid product homogeneity in the market.
4. Improve the speed of technology updates and new products entering the market.



1. Strong professional skills. ODM processing manufacturers are responsible for the whole process from design to production, minimize customer costs, save time, effort, worry and money for customers.
2. Product solutions designed by ODM manufacturers can be provided to brand owners through buyout or non-buyout.



The brand owner buys out the ODM manufacturer’s ready-made design of a certain type of product, or the brand owner individually requests the ODM manufacturer to design a product solution for itself.



The brand owner does not buy out the design of a certain type of product from the ODM manufacturer, and the ODM manufacturer can sell the design of the same type of product to other brands at the same time. When these two or more brands share a design, the difference between the two brands’ products is mainly in appearance.

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